Monday, June 5, 2017

Social Castes

In Social Studies, we learned about Ancient India, and the idea of castes impacted their whole life, form religion to lifestyle.

Image result for list of caste in indiaA caste is a strict social classes that are determined by birth. You are born into a caste, and it will never change.  There are 4 (sometimes 5) castes.
-Brahman: This is the highest social caste; Consists of Priests.
-Kshatriya: This is the second highest caste and this consists of warriors and rulers.
-Vaisyas: This social caste is "the middle class" they are neither poor or rich. These consist of traders, merchants, and minor officials.
-Sudra: This is the starting of the poorer castes, and this caste is composed of the common laborers and mediocre workers.
 -(Not fully considered a caste, as most Sudra's are these) Pariah(Untouchables): This caste also consists of the common workers and laborers, and they are considered to be much lower than everyone else. They did not have the basic rights as everyone else and most of them were not accepted into society.

Friday, May 12, 2017

What is the difference between a compound and a mixture?

When it comes to compounds and mixtures, there is one MAJOR difference when it comes to what makes them different, and it is that a compound is a CHEMICALLY combined substance. When you create a compound, you create a brand new substance that cannot be changed back. One example of this is water. One MOLECULE(notice how I did not say atom because water is not an element) of water has 2 hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom. Those 2 substances chemically  combined to create a brand new substance, and when they did, they lost the properties/characteristics they had before. At room temperature, water is a liquid but hydrogen and oxygen are gases. They lost that quality when they became water. Now mixtures on the other hand are NOT chemically combined, and they are only mixed evenly throughout each other, and it would be relatively easy to bring back the old substances that they once were. Image result for sugar water solution One example of a mixture is sugar and water. When you mix them together. you're not creating a new substance, but merely mixing the 2 evenly thought each other. The sugar is the solute, the substance that is going to be dissolved and the water is the solvent, the substance doing the dissolving, The solute and the solvent are still the same substances, it is just that the atoms are all evenly dispersed within each other and in this situation, if you wanted to take the sugar out of the water all you need to do is wait for the water to evaporate, and you would be left with just the sugar. That is the difference between compounds and mixtures.

Friday, March 3, 2017

Social Order in the Middle Ages

In the Middle Ages, land=money so the king, who owns ALL the land is pretty much the highest person in the kingdom. Under them are the lords and ladies, the friends of the king. Since many kings had to much land to govern on, so they divide the land up to the lords and ladies to govern. The people who received the land were called vassals. In trade for this land, the vassal must give full loyalty and military service to the king.
Image result for social order in the middle ages
Under the nobles are the knights, or lesser lords. In a very large kingdom, the king will give very large plots to the nobles, resulting in the nobles not able to control the land their given, so they give it to knights, who become vassals. For this trade they must promise to be a part of the king's military if  an enemy comes. And finally, underneath them is the pheasants, or the serfs. They have no freedom at all and they are part of the land so if the vassal sells the land, they go along with them. They live on a small portion of the vassal's land. In return, they must pay taxes and give a share of crops to the vassal. This guarantees them protection from the barbaric tribes such as the Vikings.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Daily Wonder Question: Did dinosaurs actually roar?

For my daily wonder question today, I wonder, did dinosaurs actually roar? I know in many movies that they add the roars to make a chill go down your spine but in real life, did these beasts roar or is is simply a figment of our imaginations?
Image result for dinosaur      

To find out, I went to and found out that yes, dinosaurs PROBABLY made noises, but they probably did NOT sound like what you hear in the movies because those sounds you do hear are actually mash-ups of vocalizations by different modern animals.Also, since the organs that they would have used to vocalize did not fossilize, we may NEVER know if these creatures could bellow out the ear-deafening sounds we hear in movies today, so, for the time being, we should let the tyrannosaurs roar and the hadrosaurs bellow till we have surefire evidence that these animals did not make the sounds we hear today.