Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Daily Wonder Question: Did dinosaurs actually roar?

For my daily wonder question today, I wonder, did dinosaurs actually roar? I know in many movies that they add the roars to make a chill go down your spine but in real life, did these beasts roar or is is simply a figment of our imaginations?
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To find out, I went to and found out that yes, dinosaurs PROBABLY made noises, but they probably did NOT sound like what you hear in the movies because those sounds you do hear are actually mash-ups of vocalizations by different modern animals.Also, since the organs that they would have used to vocalize did not fossilize, we may NEVER know if these creatures could bellow out the ear-deafening sounds we hear in movies today, so, for the time being, we should let the tyrannosaurs roar and the hadrosaurs bellow till we have surefire evidence that these animals did not make the sounds we hear today.