Monday, June 5, 2017

Social Castes

In Social Studies, we learned about Ancient India, and the idea of castes impacted their whole life, form religion to lifestyle.

Image result for list of caste in indiaA caste is a strict social classes that are determined by birth. You are born into a caste, and it will never change.  There are 4 (sometimes 5) castes.
-Brahman: This is the highest social caste; Consists of Priests.
-Kshatriya: This is the second highest caste and this consists of warriors and rulers.
-Vaisyas: This social caste is "the middle class" they are neither poor or rich. These consist of traders, merchants, and minor officials.
-Sudra: This is the starting of the poorer castes, and this caste is composed of the common laborers and mediocre workers.
 -(Not fully considered a caste, as most Sudra's are these) Pariah(Untouchables): This caste also consists of the common workers and laborers, and they are considered to be much lower than everyone else. They did not have the basic rights as everyone else and most of them were not accepted into society.